The bfi Charles Chaplin Conference July 2005

The bfi, in association with the University of Southampton, held an international conference at the London College of Communication in the summer of 2005 on the work and worldwide cultural influence of Charles Chaplin.

This coincided with the establishment of the bfi's Charlie Chaplin Research Programme, which is designed to foster innovative research in relation to Chaplin and his contemporaries. The emphasis was on dialogue and the bringing together of archivists, researchers and scholars from a wide range of disciplines for the presentation of papers and symposia to reassess Chaplin's impact and influence on film, the arts and modern culture.

In these pages we bring you the findings of the conference with reports, abstracts, schedules and papers. It is hoped that the site will continue to grow and will pull together the great range of work being undertaken on Chaplin and act as a conduit to other sites, events and publications. Read more...

See Lisa Stein's Chaplin website for a pictorial record of the Conference.

IntroductionIntroduction: Charlie as a Searchlight

Dr Michael Hammond explores the potential of Chaplin to illuminate film history and 20th century culture.

ReportReport on the Chaplin Conference

A day by day report on the conference by organisers Bryony Dixon and Michael Hammond.

Vincent's reportVincent's report

Two Vincents registered for the Chaplin Conference. It was with some surprise that we learned that of the two it was son rather than Dad who was the Chaplin enthusiast. As our youngest attendee we asked Vincent Jr. to send us his impressions.

Conference papersConference Papers

Several of the conference papers are published in full. Not all papers are available as they are scheduled for publication in various books and journals. Where possible we will provide links and information on where these are to be found.