Chaplin Conference Papers

Several important themes were built into the call for papers and the selection which resulted from an initial one day symposium held in 2004. The intention was to focus on new research with new perspectives, to look at the relationship between Chaplin and his country of birth, to explore the diversity of Chaplin's influence and to examine the correlation between the icon of the tramp figure and modernism. In addition the intention was to bring newly restored film material to the academic community and to foster discussion with the archivists. Several of the conference papers are published in full. Not all papers are available as they are scheduled for publication in various books and journals. Where possible we will provide links and information on where these are to be found.

Conference schedule (PDF, 37k)

Abstracts in order of the conference schedule (PDF, 150k)

Download  conference paperChaplin and Imitation

by David Trotter (PDF, 43kb)

An edited extract from the forthcoming publication by Blackwell Publishing (available January 2007):
Cinema and Modernism
ISBN 10: 1-4051-5982-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-4051-5982-1

Download  conference paperChaplin on Chaplin: Writings on Film

by Sidney Gottlieb (PDF, 59kb)

Download  conference paperChaplin and the body of modernity

by Tom Gunning (PDF, 107kb)

Download  conference paperFrom Chaplin to Kabuki

by Ono Hiroyuki (PDF, 86kb)

Download  conference paperThe (Un)Timeliness of Satire

The Reception of the The Great Dictator in West Germany, 1952-1973

by Peter Krämer (PDF, 180kb)

Download  conference paperMovies, Director/ Performers, and Cultural History

Conceptualizing Chaplin and American Culture

by Charles Maland (PDF, 110kb)

Download  conference paperSend in the Clones

by Ulrich Ruedel (PDF, 67kb)

Download  conference paperThe Two Spanish Lives of 'Charlot'

by Daniel Sánchez Salas (PDF, 56kb)

Additional conference papers are published elsewhere

Cover: the Big ShowThe Big Show: British Cinema Culture in the Great War 1914-1918. Michael Hammond Lecturer at University of Southampton and Academic Advisor on the bfi Chaplin Conference writes about the reception of Chaplin films in Southampton during World War One.

Steve Ross will be publishing his paper in a revised version as chapter 1 in the book Hollywood Left and Right: How Move Stars Shaped American Politics (forthcoming Oxford University Press).

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