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The Essanay Films: Volumes 1 and 2

Cover of Charlie Chaplin: The Essanay Films: Volume 1

In December 1914, Charlie Chaplin began his one-year contract with the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company. During that one year he made fifteen films, earned an unprecedented salary and established himself as a firm box-office favourite.

Chaplin's Essanay films have only previously been available in poor or incomplete prints. The films in each of these 2-disc DVD editions contain the best vintage material gathered in a nine-year search and are the most complete editions available.

The Mutual Films: Volumes 1 and 2

Cover of Charlie Chaplin: The Mutual Films: Volume 1

In 1916 Charlie Chaplin became the highest paid entertainer in the world, when he signed a contract with the Mutual Film Corporation for a salary of $670,000. Mutual built Chaplin his very own studio and allowed him total freedom to make twelve two-reel films during this fruitful twelve-month period. Chaplin subsequently recognised this period of film-making as the most inventive and liberating of his career.

These two DVDs contains twelve of the Mutual Films.

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Early Cinema: Space, Frame, Narrative

Cover: Early Cinema.

Edited by Thomas Elsaesser

The essays in this collection trace the fascinating history of how the cinema developed its forms of storytelling and representation and how it evolved into a complex industry with Hollywood rapidly acquiring a dominant role.

Silent Cinema: An Introduction

Cover: Silent Cinema: An Introduction.

Paolo Cherchi Usai

This groundbreaking guide to silent film studies has become the indispensable textbook for scholars, researchers and archivists. This much-awaited sequel to the first edition has been extensively rewritten and updated in order to reflect the spectacular development witnessed by the discipline in the past few years.

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Chaplin as the tramp

Charlie Chaplin is 20th-century cinema's most enduring icon and most exacting auteur. And he's funny. S&S asked film-makers and critics including Woody Allen, Rowan Atkinson, Baz Luhrmann, Nick Park and Slavoj Zizek what Chaplin means to them.