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64. The Bond (1918)

First National 1918-23

Film still for The bond


Brief sketches illustrate different types of bond shown against a black backdrop. The 'bond of friendship' is illustrated by Albert Austin greeting Charlie on the street corner, where despite Charlie's frequent attempts to excuse himself he is regaled with the latest gossip, a long tedious joke and is tapped for money before being unsuccessfully tempted into a bar. The 'bond of love' sees flirty Edna enticing Charlie, who hangs his cane on the paper moon and is shot in the rear by Cupid's arrow. Dancing an ecstatic ballet Charlie is bonded to Edna by a ribbon thrown by Cupid. In the 'bond of marriage' Charlie has been dragged to the altar by Edna and is obliged to shell out for the ring, and is bombarded with rice and old shoes by Austin. Finally there is the 'liberty bond'. The Kaiser is threatening Edna (representing the Statue of Liberty) but is saved by a soldier. Charlie buys a bond from Uncle Sam who passes on to the blacksmith (representing industry) who makes a rifle for a soldier. Inspired, Charlie hands over more money (concealed in his trouser leg) and a further rifle is handed to the Navy. Charlie, Uncle Sam and the blacksmith shake hands and we see Charlie sneak up on the Kaiser with a large mallet inscribed 'liberty bonds' and knock him out before making an impassioned curtain speech.


Charles Chaplin
Edna Purviance
Sydney Chaplin (The Kaiser)
Henry Bergman (John Bull)
Albert Austin (Friend)
Al Blake (soldier OR sailor)
Cliff Brouwer (or Brower) (soldier OR sailor)
Dorothy Rosher (Cupid)
[Dorothy Rosher worked 17 and 19 August, at a rate of $10 per day.]
Production started:
15 August 1918
Production finished:
22 August 1918
16 December 1918
685 ft