33. Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for Tillie's Punctured Romance


Feature length vehicle for Marie Dressler who plays Tillie but also starring Charlie as the city slicker who seduces her away from the country and takes all her money. Mabel is Charlie's streetwise girlfriend. Tillie is dumped by Charlie in the city and gets a job as a waitress but he is soon back to look for her when he finds she has inherited millions. He attempts to marry her and a party is arranged at the Uncle's mansion where Mabel has taken a job as a maid. The uncle, not really dead, turns up and throws them all out.


Mack Sennett
Mack Sennett, from the 1910 musical play Tillie's Nightmare, by A.Baldwin Sloane and Edgar Sloane.
Marie Dressler (Tillie, a Country Girl)
Charles Chaplin (The Stranger)
Mabel Normand (The Other Woman)
Mack Swain (Tillie's Father / Man run down by cops)
Dan Albert (Guest With moustache/Guest without moustache/ Cop)
Phyllis Allen (Prison Wardress / Guest / Woman in Underskirt)
Billie Bennett (Maid / Society Guest)
Charles Bennett (Mortgage Holder / Maître d'Hôtel / Tillie's Uncle),
Glen Cavender (Cop / Pianist in 1st restaurant / Guest in 1st Restaurant / Uncle's Rescuer / Society Guest),
Dixie Chene (Society Guest),
Nick Cogley (Police Chief),
Chester Conklin (Singer in 1st Restaurant / Guest in 1st Restaurant's / Obnoxious Guest)
Alice Davenport (Guest)
Hampton Del Ruth (Tall Secretary searching for Tillie)
Frankie Dolan (Cinema spectator/ Society Guest),
Minta Durfee (Movie Villain's Accomplice),
Ted Edwards (Waiter in 1st Restaurant / Station Cop),
Fred Fishback (Wigged Servant / Unwigged Servant),
Edwin Frazee (Cinema Spectator / Guest / Cop)
Billy Gilbert (Cop)
Gordon Griffith (Newsboy)
William Hauber (Wigged Servant / Cop)
Alice Howell (Guest in 1st Restaurant / Society Guest),
Edgar Kennedy ( Butler / 2nd Restaurant Proprietor)
Grover Ligon (or Liggon) (Society Guest / Cop)
Wallace MacDonald (Society Guest),
Hank Mann (Waiter in Movie / Cop)
Harry McCoy (Singer in 1st Restaurant / Pianist in 1st Restaurant / Guest in 1 st Restaurant / Prisoner / Movie Theatre Pianist / Wigged Servant / Guest in 2 nd Restaurant / Society Guest / Society Guest, imitating Ford Sterling),
Rube Miller (Tillie's Visitor)
Charles Murray (Detective in Movie)
Eva Nelson (Disgusted Guest in 2nd Restaurant)
Eddie Nolan (Tall Dancer in 1st Restaurant / Laughing Cop / Innkeeper on Mt. Baldy / Society Guest),
Frank Opperman (Guest in 1st Restaurant / Station Cop / Movie Spectator / Reverend D. Simpson),
Charles Parrott [Charley Chase] (Detective in Movie Theatre),
Hugh Saxon (Gray-haired Secretary searching for Tillie)
Fritz Schade (Portly Waiter in 1st Restaurant / Station Cop /Prisoner / Guest in 2nd Restaurant / Kitchen Hamd in 2nd Restaurant),
Al St. John (Cop)
? Joe Bordeaux (Cop)
? Edward Sutherland (Cop)
George "Slim" Summerville (Guest in nd Restaurant / Cop),
Joseph Swickard (Cinema Spectator),
Morgan Wallace (Movie Villain),
Meiklejohn & Hazel Allen (Dancing Couple )
Shooting days:
April 14 - June 9
Negative sent from LA:
July 25
Received in New York:
July 31
December 21 1914
Keystone working title:
Dressler No.1
Other titles:
Marie's Millions, For the Love of Tillie, Tillie's Big Romance, Tillie's Nightmare.