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26. The Rounders (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for The Rounders


Charlie and Fatty return to their hotel after a night of celebration, but unable to bear being scolded by their wives they go back out. Fatty steals money from his wife's bag by hooking it with his cane. Out on the town again the pair get into trouble in a restaurant, and, pursued by their wives and angry diners take to a boat and row out to the middle of the lake. They settle down to sleep it off but the boat begins to sink.


Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (Reveller)
Roscoe Arbuckle (His Friend and Neighbour)
Phyllis Allen (Charlie's Wife)
Minta Durfee (Fatty's Wife)
Al St John (Bellhop/Waiter)
?Wallace MacDonald (Diner)
Charles Parrott [Charley Chase]
Jess Dandy (Diner)
Dixie Chene (Diner)
Eddie Cline (Man in Lobby)
Billy Gilbert (Black Doorman)
William Hauber (Waiter)
Edgar Kennedy unverified
(Some cast lists name the Chaplin and Arbuckle characters as "Mr Full" and "Mr Fuller")
Shooting days:
August 12 - August 15
Negative sent from LA:
August 21
Received in New York:
August 26
September 7 1914
Keystone working title:
The Two Drunks
Other titles:
Revelry, Two of a Kind, Oh What a Night, Going Down, Tip, Tap, Toe, The Love Thief