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58. The Rink (1916)

Mutual 1916-17

Film still for The Rink


Edna tells Papa that she is off to the skating rink and leaves. Charlie is a waiter in a busy restaurant. We see him adding up Mr Stout's bill according to the stains on his vest before annoying the other staff by going through the wrong half of the swinging kitchen doors. His full body shake cocktail mixing sprays the other waiters and the chef and a fight breaks out. Back in the restaurant Charlie causes havoc carving a tough chicken and producing an egg from it - which covers Edna's pa and Mrs Stout, who are dining together somewhat flirtatiously. In the lunch hour Charlie visits the skating rink where Edna (who is being pursued by Mr Stout), trips and fall into his arms. Charlie trips up Mr Stout with his cane and a battle commences round the rink. Triumphant, Charlie presents a fraudulent visiting card as 'Sir Cecil Seltzer' to Edna and is invited to her skating party that evening. Returning to work, Charlie resumes hostilities with the boss and the chef and continues to infuriate the clientele, serving one customer a live cat. Edna invites a friend to the party who brings along Mr Stout, evidently an old flame, and Edna's Pa eager to meet 'Sir Cecil' arrives with Mrs Stout. The embarrassed couples avoid each other on the rink but as they inevitably collide chaos erupts and Charlie flees, and by hooking a passing car with his cane evades capture.


Charles Chaplin (Waiter, and Skating Enthusiast)
Edna Purviance (Society Girl)
James T. Kelly (Her Father)
Eric Campbell (Mr Stout)
Henry Bergman (Mrs Stout and Angry Diner)
Lloyd Bacon (Guest)
Albert Austin (Chef and Skater)
Frank J. Coleman (Restaurant Manager)
John Rand (Waiter)
Charlotte Mineau (Edna's Friend)
Leota Bryan (Edna's Friend)
4 December 1916
1881 ft
Other titles:
Rolling Around, Waiter