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21. The Property Man (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for The Property Man

The Property Man was restored at the bfi National Film and Television Archive. Read the Restoration Report.


Charlie is a bone-idle prop man in a vaudeville theatre who makes his aged colleague do all the heavy lifting. He causes chaos with the various acts during the performance, including soaking stage and audience alike with a hose - the oldest film gag in the world, followed by another as he easily picks up the weight-lifter's dumbbells.


Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (The Property Man)
Fritz Schade (Singer)
Phyllis Allen (Ham Lena Fat)
Charles Bennett (Ham Lena's husband)
Josef Swickard (Old Stagehand)
Jess Dandy (Garlico)
Mack Sennett (Man in Audience/Spectator)
Frank Opperman (Man in Audience)
George 'Slim' Summerville (Man in Audience)
Joe Bordeaux (Old Actor)
Harry McCoy (Drunk in Front Row)
Cecile Arnold (?) (Goo Goo Sister)
Vivian Edwards (Goo Goo Sister)
Alice Davenport (Actress)
Chester Conklin (Spectator)
Norma Nichols (?) (Vaudeville Artist)
Gene Marsh (?)(Garlico's Assistant)
Dixie Chene (?) (Woman in Audience)
Lee Morris (?) (Man in Audience)
Shooting days:
June 25 - July11
Negative sent from LA:
July 18
Received in New York:
July 25
August 1 1914
Other titles:
Getting His Goat, Props, Charlie on the Boards, Props, The Roustabout, Vamping Venus.