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49. Police (1916)

Essanay 1915-16

Film still for Police


This film was re-cut by the studio after Chaplin had left Essanay. One scene was incorporated into Triple Trouble. Charlie is released from prison and immediately swindled by a fake parson who pretends to persuade Charlie to go straight. A fellow ex-convict convinces Charlie to help burgle a house, but Edna, the house's owner, catches them and calls the police. Charlie, however, manages to charm his way out of trouble and Edna protects him from the police by pretending he is her husband. She sends him on his way with some money. On the road again, Charlie encounters a policeman who knows him and gives chase.


Charles Chaplin (Ex-Convict)
Edna Purviance (Daughter of the House)
Wesley Ruggles (Jailbird / Thief)
James T. Kelley (Drunk)
Leo White (Fruit Seller /Flop House Proprietor/ Policeman)
John Rand (Policeman)
Fred Goodwins (Fake Preacher)
Billy Armstrong (Dubious Character)
Bud Jamison (Dubious Character)
Snub Pollard (Man in Flop House)
Paddy Maguire (Man in Flop House)
George Cleethorpe (Policeman)
Filmed at:
The former Majestic Studio
27 May 1916
2050 ft
Other titles:
Charlie in the Police, Housebreaker, Charlie the Burglar