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1. Making a Living (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for Making A Living


Chaplin's Keystone debut sees him as an impoverished and inebriate gentleman who begs the better-heeled Lehrman for a loan. The refusal offends, and as they compete for a job as a newspaper reporter they become rivals. Charlie and Lehrman battle it out to be first to the editor with a scoop, and they are still battling it out at the end when they are carried off on the front of a streetcar.


Henry Lehrman
?Reed Heustis
Charles Chaplin (Slicker)
Virginia Kirtley (Girl)
Alice Davenport (Mother)
Henry Lehrman (Reporter)
Minta Durfee (Woman at car wreck)
Chester Conklin (policeman/ bum)
Tammany Young (onlooker) unverified
Shooting days:
December 17-January 9
Negative sent from LA:
January 14
Received in New York:
January 20
February 2 1914
1030 feet
Keystone working title:
The Reporters.
Other titles:
A Busted Johnny, Troubles, Doing His Best, Take My Picture.