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60. The Cure (1917)

Mutual 1916-17

Film still for The Cure


Charlie plays an inebriate swell sent to a spa for the cure. He immediately falls into the spring and has trouble with the revolving door. Upstairs it becomes apparent that Charlie's trunk is fitted out as a bar. Edna, another guest, is being bothered by a gouty patient when Charlie comes downstairs. They vie for her favours, resulting in the manager trying to throw Charlie out, but Edna defends him and Charlie is carted off to the baths to face an alarmingly large masseur. Meanwhile the manager is de-boozing Charlie's room but the tipsy attendant unthinkingly tips the drink into the spring. Charlie is uncooperative with the treatment and only pretends to go into the pool before observing a frail man being pummelled by the giant masseur. He holds up the masseur's arm as 'the winner'. Unwilling to take his turn, Charlie attempts to evade the masseur in a series of defensive wrestling moves but accidentally sits on a boiling radiator and propels the masseur, the gouty patient and finally himself into the pool. The other patients meanwhile have been taking the waters with uncharacteristic enthusiasm and are drunk to a man. Edna persuades Charlie to drink the stuff unaware of its content and he becomes increasingly inebriated. She walks off in disgust. Next day there are hangovers all round and Charlie is seen with block of ice tied to his head. He agrees to Edna's request to reform and they walk off happily arm in arm until he falls into the spring again.


Charles Chaplin (Alcoholic Gentleman at Spa)
Edna Purviance (Fellow Guest at Spa)
Eric Campbell (Gentleman with Gout)
Henry Bergman (Masseur)
Albert Austin (Male Nurse)
John Rand (Male Nurse and Masseur)
James T. Kelley (Ancient Bell Boy)
Frank J. Coleman (Proprietor)
Leota Bryan (Nurse)
Tom Wood (Patient)
Janet Miller Sully (Spa Visitor)
Loyal Underwood (Spa Visitor)
William Gillespie (Man in Shoe-Throwing Battle)
16 April 1917
1834 ft
Other titles:
The Water Cure