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38. The Champion (1915)

Essanay 1915-16

Film still for The Champion


Charlie is sharing his last sausage with his dog Spike, when he sees an advertisement for sparring partners. Charlie dismisses the idea but changes his mind when he finds a lucky horseshoe, which he puts in his glove. Having knocked out the competition he starts to train, inspired by the presence of the lovely Edna. A villain tries repeatedly to bribe him to throw the fight but Charlie refuses. On the night of the big fight, Charlie is forced into evasive action, running round and round to avoid the Champ. Spike comes to his master's aid and clamps his jaws tight onto the Champ's behind while Charlie delivers the knockout blow. For once, Charlie gets the girl.


Charles Chaplin (Aspiring Pugilist)
Lloyd Bacon (Trainer)
Edna Purviance (His Daughter)
Leo White (Would-be Briber)
Ernest Van Pelt (Spike Dugan)
Bud Jamison (Champion)
Billy Armstrong (Sparring Partner)
Carl Stockdale (Sparring Partner)
Paddy McGuire (Sparring Partner)
Bill Cato (Sparring Partner/Man on Trapeze)
Ben Turpin (Salesman)
G. M. ('Broncho Billy') Anderson (Enthusiastic Spectator)
(unverified) Frank Dolan (Stretcher Bearer)
(unverified) Daniel P.Kelleher (Cop)
(unverified) Fred Wintermeyer (Cop)
(unverified in bit parts) W.Coleman Elan, Eddie Fries, Jess Robbins, Leo West, Henry Youngman.
Filmed at:
The Essanay Niles Studio
11 March 1915
1938 ft
Other titles:
Champion Charlie, Battling Charlie, Charlie the Champion