12. Caught in a Cabaret (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for Caught In A Cabaret


Charlie plays a waiter in a rough café/dance hall who saves Mabel from a mugger. When he is introduced to her parents he misleads them into thinking he is a wealthy gentleman. Returning to the café, Charlie's deception is spotted by Mabel's erstwhile suitor. The suitor arranges for Mabel and the parents to 'slum it' by visiting the dance hall after their own party, at which Charlie has become increasingly drunk. Despite his best efforts, on re-entering the café Charlie is unable to keep up the pretence of being a gentleman as the society crowd arrives and the boss orders him back to his washing-up duties. A fight erupts and Charlie is roundly rejected by Mabel.


Mabel Normand
Mabel Normand and Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (Waiter)
Mabel Normand (Mabel)
Harry McCoy (Lover)
Chester Conklin (Waiter)
Edgar Kennedy (Cafe proprietor)
Minta Durfee (Dancer)
Josef Swickard (Father)
Alice Davenport (Mother)
Mack Swain (Man in park/Tough in cabaret)
Gordon Griffith (Boy)
Hank Mann (Dancer with eyepatch)
Billy Gilbert (Cabaret patron)
Grover Ligon (or Liggon) (Bartender)
Glen Cavender (Piano player)
? Wallace MacDonald (Guest)
? Phyllis Allen (Dancer)
? William Hauber (Thief)
? Alice Howell (Guest)
Shooting days:
March 27 - April 2
Negative sent from LA:
April 11
Received in New York:
April 19
April 27 1914
1968 ft
Keystone working title:
The Waiter
Other titles:
The Jazz Waiter, Charlie the Waiter, Faking With Society, Prime Minister Charlie