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42. By the Sea (1915)

Essanay 1915-16

Film still for By The Sea


Billy and his girl are by the sea on a windy day. Billy's hat is tied on with string which becomes entangled with Charlie's hat. A fight ensues along the seafront and in an ice cream parlour. The rivalry continues as Charlie flirts with Billy's girl and the wife of giant Bud Jamieson. Bud gets drawn into the fight and Charlie leaves him to throttle Billy while he makes up to the wife.


Charles Chaplin (Stroller)
Billy Armstrong (Holiday-maker)
Margie Reiger (His Wife)
Bud Jamison (Jealous Husband)
Edna Purviance (His Wife)
Paddy McGuire (Policman)
Carl Stockdale (Policeman)
?Ernest Van Pelt (Policeman)
?Ed Armstrong (Candy salesman)
?Snub Pollard (Ice Cream Vendor)
On location at Crystal Pier
29 April 1915
971 ft
Other titles:
Charlie by the Sea, Charlie's Day Out