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45. The Bank (1915)

Essanay 1915-16

Film still for The Bank


Charlie is an ineffectual janitor in a bank. Edna, a typist in the office, buys her fiancé, the cashier, a birthday present. Coming across it, Charlie thinks "To Charles with Love" is intended for him. He presents her with a flower which she throws away. Charlie creeps back to his basement vault and falling asleep, dreams of a bank robbery and his heroic role in saving the manager and Edna. As he is triumphantly kissing her he wakes to find not Edna in his arms, but the mop.


Charles Chaplin (Janitor)
Edna Purviance (Secretary)
Carl Stockdale (Cashier)
Billy Armstrong (Janitor)
Charles Insley (Manager)
Lawrence A. Bowes (Important Customer)
John Rand (Salesman/ Bank Robber)
Leo White (Client)
Fred Goodwins (Cashier/Bank Robber)
Bud Jamison (Chief Bank Robber)
Frank J. Coleman (Bank Robber)
John Rand (Bank Robber)
Lloyd Bacon (Bank Robber)
Paddy McGuire (Bank Robber)
Lee Hill (Bank Robber)
Wesley Ruggles (Bank Customer)
Carrie Clark Ward (Bank Customer)
Filmed at:
The former Majestic Studio
9 August 1915
1985 ft
Other titles:
Charlie at the Bank, Charlie in the Bank, Charlie Detective