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62. The Adventurer (1917)

Mutual 1916-17

Film still for The Adventurer


Charlie, 'The Eel' is an escaped convict fleeing from his prison guards in an elaborate and inventive chase by the beach. Charlie evades the guards and disguises himself by stealing a man's swimming costume as he pulls his jumper over his head. In the seaside café Edna is being bothered by a bearded giant (Eric Campbell) who is trying to impress her with his strength. They hear screams as Edna's mother has fallen from the pier. Eric - despite his strength - hesitates to get wet and Edna dives in. Charlie intervenes and pulls first Edna, then her mother, and finally the redundant Eric, from the water. He makes out he heard their cries from his yacht and is taken back to their house, a hero. He is fêted at a house party until the jealous Eric sees his picture in the paper. Despite Charlie's attempts to disguise it with a beard the guards are called. Charlie and Edna retire to the balcony to eat ice cream but Charlie drops his down his trousers. Shaking it through his trouser leg it falls through the slats to slide down the neck of an elderly lady below.

The guards arrive and Charlie sets off through the ballroom, doubles back, kisses Edna and takes off for the door - hiding under a lampshade to imitate a standard lamp as the guards hurtle past. Eventually he is caught, but as he and the guard pass Edna Charlie courteously introduces them and as they shake hands Charlie makes his getaway.


Charles Chaplin (Escaped Convict)
Edna Purviance (A Girl)
Henry Bergman (Her Father and a Docker)
Marta Golden (Her Mother)
Eric Campbell (Her Suitor)
Albert Austin ( Butler)
Toraichi Kono (Chauffeur)
John Rand (Guest)
Frank J.Coleman (Fat Warder)
Loyal Underwood (Small Guest)
May White (Stout Lady)
Janet Miller Sully
Monta Bell
James T.Kelley (Old Man)
Stanley Sanford (Policeman)
22 October 1917