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31. His Musical Career (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for His Musical Career


Charlie gets a job as a piano mover and has to deliver one piano and collect another - one to 666 Prospect Street the other to 999 with the inevitable confusion. Charlie and Mack deliver one piano to the wrong house with Charlie carrying the piano around the room on his back while the customers admire the effect in various locations. He is, cartoon-like, unable to straighten up again. They try to remove a piano from another house and, pursued by the owner, they slide down the road and into a lake.


Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (Piano Mover)
Mack Swain (Ambrose, his Partner)
Charles Parrott [Charley Chase] (Piano Store Manager)
Billy Gilbert (Piano Store Salesman)
Fritz Schade (Mr Rich)
Frank Hayes (Mr Poor)
Cecile Arnold (Mrs Rich)
Gene Marsh (Miss Poor)
William Hauber (Servant in Wig)
Shooting days:
October 1 - October 10
Negative sent from LA:
October 17
Received in New York:
October 23
November 7 1914
Keystone working title:
The Piano Movers
Other titles:
The Piano Movers, Musical Tramps, Charlie as a Piano Mover