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27. The New Janitor (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for The New Janitor


Charlie takes a job as office janitor and trudges up the stairs after being refused admittance to the lift. He drops a pail of water out of a window on to the company President below and is dismissed; but answering the stenographer's bell he foils a robbery being committed by the company's own manager, who is trying to embezzle funds from the safe to settle a gambling debt. Although Charlie nearly gets arrested for holding a gun to the manager, all ends well with him receiving a bundle of notes from the President.


Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (Janitor)
Minta Durfee (Secretary)
John Francis 'Jack' Dillon (Thieving Manager)
Al St John (Lift Boy)
Glen Cavender (Luke Connor, Gambler)
Jess Dandy (Boss)
Shooting days:
August 18 - August 26
Negative sent from LA:
September 3
Received in New York:
September 9
September 24 1914
Keystone working title:
Other titles:
The Porter, The New Porter, The Blundering Boob