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6. Tango Tangles (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for Tango Tangles


Set in a dance hall (it is debatable if this is a real dance hall of the day) pandering to the latest dance craze, an inebriated Charlie (but not in Tramp costume) runs up against Ford Sterling as the bandleader who is competing for the attentions of the hat check girl with clarinettist, Arbuckle. The inevitable hostilities spill out onto the dance floor and then into the cloakroom, as Charlie and the bandleader attempt to thrash it out, each with an arm in the same coat.


Mack Sennett
Charles Chaplin (Tipsy Dancer)
Ford Sterling (Band Leader)
Roscoe Arbuckle (Musician)
Edgar Kennedy (Dance Hall Manager)
Chester Conklin (Dancer in police costume)
Minta Durfee (Dancer)
Alice Davenport (Indignant Dancer)
Frank Opperman (Patron/Clarinettist)
Billy Gilbert (Man with straw hat)
Al St John (Guest in convict outfit)
Bill Hauber (Flautist)
Glenn Cavender (Drummer/Dancer in pointed hat)
Hank Mann (indignant dancer in overalls)
George Jeske (Open-mouthed dancer)
Shooting days:
February 4 - February 10
Negative sent from LA:
February 17
Received in New York:
February 25
March 9 1914
Keystone working title:
A Midnight Dance
Other titles:
Charlie's Recreation, Music Hall