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7. His Favourite Pastime (1914)

Keystone 1914

Film still for His Favourite Pastime


Charlie's 'favourite pastime' here seems to be the drinking of cocktails. In his inebriated state he annoys all manner of people in the bar and eventually outside it too, as he follows a girl home and gets into trouble with a suspicious husband and the servants. The comic business revolves around Chaplin's inebriate pantomiming and inventive use of props, as well as his spectacular falls such as one where he drops over the stair rail to land upright on a sofa with cigarette neatly lit.


George Nichols
Craig Hutchinson
Charles Chaplin (Drunk)
Roscoe Arbuckle (Drunk)
Peggy Pearce (Wife)
Edgar Kennedy (Rough drinking buddy)
Harry McCoy (Man at bar)
William Hauber (Shoeshine customer/Onlooker at apartment)
Billy Gilbert (Bootblack)
Jess Dandy
Harry McCoy
Frank Opperman
Shooting days:
February 11 - February 17
Negative sent from LA:
February 19
Received in New York:
February 28
March 16 1914
1009 ft
Keystone working title:
The Drunk
Other titles:
The Bonehead, Charlie's Reckless Fling, The Reckless Fling, Charlie is Thirsty, The Bonehead.