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16. Her Friend the Bandit (1914)

Keystone 1914


(This is taken from a contemporary review - this is the only one of Chaplin's films not to survive).

Charles Chaplin, a bandit, captures and impersonates the 'Count de Bean' at a fancy party in Mabel's house and makes many crude social blunders before the arrival of the police.


Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin (The Bandit)
Mabel Normand (Miss De Rock)
Charles Murray (Count De Beans)
Glen Cavender unverified
William Hauber unverified
Charlotte Singleton unverified
Phillip Tyron unverified
Shooting days:
May 11 - May 18
Negative sent from LA:
May 22
Received in New York:
May 28
June 4 1914
. [1 reel]
Keystone working title:
The Italian
Other titles:
Mabel's Flirtation, The Thief Catcher.